Absolutely not! Using the Individual Plan, you will be able to sign an unlimited amount of documents. Once you or your business requires you to initiate documents, our premium subscription plans offer more flexibility and features.

Yes, just like throughout the signup process you will be able to upgrade and downgrade your subscription level as well as change your payment frequency at any time and how many times you like. You can even pay as you go!

No, to use Legally Chained to sign document a credit card won’t be required. If you ever decide to upgrade your account to a more powerful subscription plan so you can initiate documents, you can add your billing details easily through your account dashboard and even pay as you go!

Each data stream going into or out of Legally Chained is secured by industry-standard 256-bit HTTPS encryption, documents are encrypted using unique hash keys, each signing process is accompanied by a tamper-evident audit trail carrying a detailed log of all transactions related to the document being signed, and as an additional security safeguard ensuring the security of client data, our entire data-set is stored on a public blockchain.