During the public sale campaign in 2017, 100 million BNB coins were made available at a price of approximately $0.15 per token (1 ETH for 2,700 BNB). The price of BNB increased drastically in the years following the ICO and quickly entered the list of ten largest digital currencies by market cap. Due to its widespread popularity, cryptocurrency investors can buy BNB on Binance as well as on a number of competing digital trading platforms.

Here is what the historical BNB price data tell us about key milestones in the token’s price history:

  • $0.15 – Initial investors were able to purchase BNB for roughly $0.15 worth of ETH during 2017’s ICO campaign
  • $1 – Binance Coin price surpassed the $1 mark almost immediately after the BNB crypto tokens started trading in August 2017
  • $10 – The first time that the BNB coin price climbed over $10 was in December 2017
  • $100 – BNB price chart showed the token hitting $100 for the first time ever in February 2021, less than four years after its initial launch
  • $500 – BNB hit the $500 price milestone in April 2021, during a bullish run that saw many digital currencies reach their ATH valuations

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